"As in every one of their previous visits to our churches here in Texas, Leslie & Sylvia’s ministry has been a great blessing. The joy expressed, the commitment called for, the wisdom of 50+ years of ministry and perspective, and probably even the different accent have all been used of God to change lives and bring fresh winds of the Spirit’s sanctifying work to our churches. From San Antonio to Crowley, from Lake Jackson to the campus of South Western Baptist Theological Seminary, from Mansfield to the nursing home in Deer Park, from Elmendorf to Providence Baptist Church in Deer Park, we were all encourage, exhorted unto good works, challenged to go forward in our faith. God seemed to especially work in a deep and powerful way in the lives of the people in the country church of Rock Creek Baptist in Crowley, Texas this year.

We pray that the effects are lingering. We thank God for His visitation through His chosen vessels Leslie & Sylvia. And we look forward to their return to minister once again."

Pastor Tommy Dahn
Providence Baptist Church – Deer Park Texas

"I wanted to let you know how much our church was blessed by Leslie and Sylvia’s ministry this week. Several of our people remarked again and again how much they gained from his zealous spirit, his biblical preaching, and his evangelistic fervour. A couple of families were very convicted about instituting family altar. And there was an air of genuine spiritual fellowship replacing surface chitchat among the people at large. Also, it looks like two families are seriously joining our fellowship as a result of coming to the services.

We personally were very blessed to have them stay in our home and interact with us and our children as well. They are sweet Christian folk."

Pastor Doug Helms
Rock Creek Baptist – Crowley Texas
Excerpt from E-Mail to Pastor Tommy Dahn

"Brother, it was so good to have you and Sylvia with us again. I think I already told you both, but I will say again that when you are with us I feel like I have the godly grandparents that I never had growing up. All of my grandparents ignored the true and living God. I trust that you both made it home safely and had many blessings while you were in the States. Your visit, as in the past years, was helpful to us. I really appreciate the expectancy the Lord has given you for the salvation of souls. I fear we have far too much hyper-calvinism and unbelief in our reformed circles and I don't think you have an ounce of it in your body. I fear the Lord isn't doing many mighty works among us for the simple fact that we don't expect Him to. I know you expect Him to save and we need that same trust ourselves."

Pastor Timothy Conway
Grace Community Church – San Antonio Texas