Sola Statement

They went everywhere – daily in the temple and in every home and in the Market – daily they ceased not to teach and preach Jesus Christ.
Acts 8.4, 5.42 & 17.7

Sola Ministry
This ministry exists soley to promote Holy Scripture as the Word of God, and the only vehicle through which the Spirit of God brings salvation to lost men and women in the world. The great Puritan call emphasizes the word “Sola”.

Sola Gratia
Man is saved from being under the wrath of God by the coming of Son of God to once and for all time pay the debt that sin demands – thus bringing forgiveness into the heart of the believer. By Grace are ye saved Ephesians 2.8

Sola Fide 
Salvation by Grace must mean that dependence upon such has no element of merit. Faith alone is not accompanied by any religious acts or dependence upon any church tradition or any other mediator than Christ. Not by works of righteousness, which we have done, but according to His mercy He has saved us. Titus 3.5.

Sola Scriptura 
The absolute sufficiency of Scripture with no need of further revelation in any form. Sufficient to give understanding of man’s danger and need of salvation; to give assurance of forgiveness – peace and eternal life. Sufficient to enable believers to live godly lives and thus glorify God here and now and produce happy service in certainty of reward in eternity.

Exceeding great and precious promises – by these escape the corruption that is in the world though lust.
2 Peter 1.3-4