MP3s to download:

TitleVenueTime/File Size
Peter 1 & 2 Edington Gospel Hall - Somerset41.47 / 11.9Mb
Always Remembering JesusHebron Evangelical Church -Altofts41:49 / 11.9Mb
God's MercyHeritage Baptist Church - USA46:41 / 5.34Mb
Rest In Your SoulHebron Evangelical Church -Altofts46.20 / 13.2Mb
Heart ProblemPrimitive Methodist Church - Driffield35:23 / 10.10Mb
Unbelief ProblemPrimitive Methodist Church - Driffield46.12 / 13.20Mb

Short Stories to download

DateMP3 TitleTime/MB
05/02/2005The God That Answers By Fire09:12/2.63
19/02/2005Judgment Day08:44/2.50
26/02/2005The Lord Delivers08:19/2.38
05/03/2005Faithful Friends08:04/2.31

MP3s available by request:
Below are a selection of MP3s that are not currently online. To request any of these MP3s, please use the contact form at the foot of this page, mentioning the Order No. of the requested MP3(s).

Order No.TitleVenue
MP3001Personal Evangelism 1 Linnaeus Street Evangelical Church
MP3002Personal Evangelism 2 Linnaeus Street Evangelical Church
MP3003Personal Evangelism 3 Linnaeus Street Evangelical Church
MP3004Personal Evangelism 4 Linnaeus Street Evangelical Church
MP3005Personal Evangelism 5 Linnaeus Street Evangelical Church
MP3006A Crook Made Straight Boulevard Baptist Church
MP3007The Blind Can See Boulevard Baptist Church
MP3008A Hopeless Case TransformeDriffield Primitive Methodist Church
MP3009Jesus Christ In The House Driffield Primitive Methodist Church
MP3010Mercy Before Blessing Latimer Memorial Congregational Church
MP3011Blessing After Mercy Latimer Memorial Congregational Church
MP3012Prayer Life Southern Baptist Founders Conference (SW) Texas USA
MP3013Chapel Service Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary USA
MP3014What He Says Do Skirlaugh House Fellowship
MP3015Walk With God Kingston Evangelical Church (Bible Study)
MP3016That It May Be Well Hebron Evangelical Church, Altofts Wakefield
MP3017Surrounded By Blessings Hebron Evangelical Church, Altofts Wakefield

CD’s available on the following topics:
Below are a selection of CDs available. To request any of these CDs, use the contact form at the foot of this page, mentioning the Order No. of the requested CD(s) and be sure to tell us your postal address.

Order No.TitlePassageDate
CD001Ittai2 Samuel 15 10-2318th April 2002
CD002Barzillai2 Samuel 19 31-4020th April 2002
CD003Mephibosheth21st April 2002
CD004Men Of Decision1 Chronicles 1124th April 2002
CD005Men of Dedication & Devotion1 Chronicles 11-1225th April 2002
CD006Food For The SaintPsalm 10728th April 2002
CD007Understanding The WordMatthew 131st May 2002
CD008Thought, Feeling, WillActs 8 5-39 2nd May 2002
CD009Facts In The Conversion Of SaulActs 7 & 94th May 2002
CD0103 Fold ConversionActs 10, 165th May 2002
CD011God Has Shined In Our Hearts2 Corinthians 45th May 2002
CD012Ministers FraternalNo1 & No 2