Christian Youth Outreach

As a result of united Evangelistic outreach in the town of Reading in 1973, a large number of young people confessed faith in the Lord Jesus. Follow up was placed in my hands – the idea of a weekend on church premises for teaching and training proved to be of great help, culminating in street witness on the Saturday afternoon. The title "Squat’n Learn" was used and later upon my move to Hull, we had another and there came a desire to teach young people and give training in witness.

Christian Youth Outreach was formed and operated countrywide – helping in Youth Festivals and seminars at Bible colleges and University Christian Unions countrywide.

As Director of Leeds City Mission, a team came into being, many of them continuing their training in CYO in other towns and cities. Derry O’Sullivan and Terry Holman both becoming Pastors, were in the forefront communicating well with gospel outreach by sketch board.

Derry O’Sullivan supporting Jill Holman
Terry Holman

God blessed whole weeks and the preaching of God’s word was fruitful in the cities of Bath and Cambridge under the banner of "Tell a Tourist".

Tell a Tourist, Bath
Tell a Tourist, Cambridge

Being more convinced that the local church must be the base for biblical evangelism resumed pastoral work; but continued Bible teaching nationwide.

During CYO a number of visual leaflets (tracts) were published and used with great effect – especially amongst young people. All are available here to download on the publications page.