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They went everywhere - daily in the temple and in every home and in the market - daily they ceased not to teach and preach Jesus Christ…..Acts 8.4; 5.42; 17.17

My dear friends,

Once again you are hearing from me, although i'm not in my home I am now at a residential house in Cottingham.
 I’m laid to one side one would say but I’m able to reason clearly, preach and thankfully rejoice in the Lord. My right arm has carried the pins and needles to the right hand which means I am unable to write, so I am recording this for David to do (he has been a good son in helping me and especially with the website.)
 I pray for you and remember you, if at any time you think I do not, I assure you I am. I have been challenged recently by the scripture “rejoice alway in every thing by giving of thanks this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you”.I give you that’s not easy to say or believe that when you're in difficult circumstances.
 May I give you my very best and prayerful wishes for the Christmas season. May the Lord Jesus, on the day that has come to be remembered as His coming into the world. He’s everything to me and I trust he is to you.
 I have been cheered and encouraged by the people that have written to me, phoned me and especially some from thirty to forty years ago have come to see me, this has cheered me no end and I’m thankful to God.
 I can’t give you any knowledge of the future I only hope that the Lord’s coming will precede my departure. My family rally round me, we all miss our dearly beloved Sylvia. We know that she is in the Joy of the Lord now.
 Do let me know your news and although I’m not very active preaching I have a congregation of about 50 here and many are affected by the preaching. One who is the assistant carer has made the promise that he would read the New Testament by the kindness of the Gideons he has a New Testament with all its helps and has said recently he’s up to page sixty seven, so we rejoice at any sign of God’s lovely working here in this place. Pray for me as I will pray for you.

Every good wish in the Lord’s wonderful name.


The Ministry of Rev. Leslie C. Smith

1943 to 1947His Majesty’s Forces serving in the Royal Signals in India and Burma (now known as Myanmar) it was whilst in imphal Burma that Leslie became aware that there was a God and his subsequent relocation to Bombay (Mumbai) led to his responding to the call of God as a result of the preaching of the Gospel in the main street.
1947 to 1949Trained as a Watchmaker & Jeweller and opened His own shop
1949 to 1951NYLC College St Andrews Surbiton Surrey including work as a South East Counties Voluntary Evangelist and also an Itinerant freelance Evangelist.
1952 to 1953Oxford Railway City Mission & Itinerant Evangelism
1954 to 1957Formation of Knowle West Evangelical Church - Bristol
1958 to 1959Youth Worker at Pilgrim Hall Assembly - Lincoln
1960 to 1963Director of Exeter City Mission
1963 to 1966Longford Hall Mission - Manchester City Mission
1967 to 1970Victoria Dock Mission London - The Shaftsbury Society
1970 to 1973Hosier Street Chapel (later to become Central Evangelical Church) - Reading
Formation of Christian Youth Outreach
1973 to 1974Hebron Evangelical Church (a home fellowship) - Reading
1974 to 1978Bodmin Road Church (Evangelical) - Hull
1978 to 1981Director of Leeds City Mission
1981 to 1984Whyteleafe Free Church (Evangelical) - Surrey
1988 to 1991Northallerton Evangelical Church
1992 to 1999Orchard Park Evangelical Church - Hull